Milhouse Hostel

Strategically located in the core of downtown Buenos Aires, both Milhouse Hostels occupy stunning, five-storey 19th-century houses, built around a charming, colonial-style atrium.

At a Glance

Avenida de Mayo 1245
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 11 4383-9383

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Tell us about your myallocator experience.

Summarize the points of frustration you faced before you started to use myallocator. How has myallocator specifically addressed those problems?

Having to go into at least 4 different channels every day to see new bookings and update availability…more than once a day! And not being able to work with even more channels as that would mean more channels to go more than once a day every day… And having to remember so many usernames and passwords.. With myallocator this is simple, as I can check my bookings and availablity all at once, I can work with as many channels as I want (or as myallocator supports) and I have clearing among the different channels, which is amazing.

What are the top three features you love about myallocator? Why do you love them?

1. Updating long term availability / rates , because it ́s never been so easy and quick compared to all the channels I ́ve used. It replicates the same dates / rates, etc. that you are updating for all types of rooms as you want.
2. The features you an update in the availability grid: min stay, arrival closed and departure closed. It would be great if all the channels supported this.
3. How easy it is to set up new channels.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love myallocator?

Time saver, easily.

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