Myallocator + TripConnect

As a Premium Partner with TripAdvisor, our integration allows for rates and inventory to be easily distributed and kept in sync with our Channel Manager and certified BookNow internet booking engine.

This will ensure you get maximum direct bookings all commission-free from TripAdvisor, without the risk of overbookings and any extra hassle!

Why TripConnect matters to my hostel?

TripAdvisor receives hundreds of millions of monthly unique visitors making it one of the largest travel companies in the world. This is the place where travellers go to begin their travel planning.

TripAdvisor gives all of its customers the ability to directly purchase your rooms at your prices on your booking page with a single click, Commission Free!

myallocator’s TripConnect integration will help you drive more direct bookings to your hostel, bed & breakfast or guesthouse, and will help you maximize revenue on each reservation you receive.

myallocator makes this happen with a few clicks.

How Does TripConnect work?

TripConnect works much like an auction. Inside TripConnect you set your own budget, so your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish from your advertising campaign and ultimately where you fall within their search list results. The higher you bid the higher you place within the results box. Top three bids gets prime placement. The remaining qualifying bids get a textual link. In addition to showing the customer your actual price, as the operator TripAdvisor rewards you with a special designation (Office Site) if you qualify as the highest bidder– how cool is that!

And because each bid result is specific to the each traveler’s inquiry. Only qualifying bids show up allowing customers to click to complete a direct booking link as it appears in the price and availability search within TripAdvisor. When a customer clicks on a they will be directed to a booking engine to complete the transaction (in this case yours).

Getting started is simple


Activate and configure BookNow!


Register for a TripAdvisor Business Listing.


Add TripConnect as a new channel
from within our list.