Moustache Hostel

Delhi’s first real backpacker hostel that promises an introduction to Delhi, a respite from the city’s chaos, and the comfort of international hostels.

At a Glance

S-25 Greater Kailash 1 New Delhi, India Phone: +91 11 4079 3437 Website:

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Tell us about your myallocator experience.

Summarize the points of frustration you faced before you started to use myallocator. How has myallocator specifically addressed those problems?

Before we discovered myallocator, each new booking would take more than 5 minutes to accept and enter into our property management system. We would have to do the entire entry manually by logging on to the channels backoffice. Before myallocator, over bookings was a huge risk (especially since we do not run a 24-hour reception) and we would always block beds off or list only partial availability on channels. This was obviously inefficient and led to loss in revenue.

What are the top three features you love about myallocator? Why do you love them?

Each new booking take less than 10 seconds to accept and enter into the PMS! There are no more logins required, no training of reception staff and creation of several backoffice user accounts across several channels. Integration with a new channel is not a major decision anymore. We don’t worry about overbookings and overnight cancellations and their impact on availability anymore. Our entire booking system is 100% automated which has saved us countless man-hours, saved us from thousands of dollars lost due inefficient booking processes, and removed any scope for human error. myallocator in hostel booking is the same as the wheel in daily life – you can’t imagine life without it! In fact, we do not list on any channel that is not integrated with myallocator. We have refused to list on 4 of the largest booking channels in our country so far due to their lack of integration with myallocator.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love myallocator?

The single biggest reason to use/recommend myallocator is the convenience it brings to the reservation management process at our hostel. We can’t imagine operating without myallocator!

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